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Tuesday, 01 December 2009 12:16

Ain Ebels Om Al Nour Project


-         To show our recognition and to thank Our Lady of Ain-Ebel for her protection of our town during difficulties.

-         To highlight the name of the hill Om Al Nour and keep it alive and meaningful.

-         To insist on the historical fact that this region is the Lebanese part of the Holy Land that Jesus and Mary walked on and where the Apostles started to spread the Good News.

-         To initiate religious tourism to the Land of Annunciation (Blad Bechara). 

-         To erect a 40m tower with a statue on top dedicated to Our Lady of Ain-Ebel,  Mother of Light (Om Al Nour) with a church at its base.

-         The project aims to push forward the economical status of the region.

-         The project is to be fully paid by donations and fundraisings it is a non profit project. 



-         Having a shrine for Our Lady of Ain-Ebel at one of the highest hills around the town (Om Al Nour hill) was the dream of all generations and almost every one of us, some  even spoke about the idea a long time ago and some tried to prepare a plan to make it true.

-         Fundraising was started by a group in Canada who then contacted Father Hanna Sleiman to initiate the project.

-         A committee of volunteers to follow the executive steps locallay has been established and has received the blessing of the religious authorities.

-         An account was opened in the Bint Jbeil branch of Byblos Bank.

-         A Canadian architect has drafted the first presentation of the project.

-         A Canadian structural firm is willing to follow up with the construction plan and procedures.

-         A Gulf based engineering company volunteered to detail the drawings.

-         We are aiming to set an international committee of Ain-Eblis around the world that have already donated and are interested in the fundraising and the following of the project.     

-         A Board of executives, if necessary, can be named out of Ain-Eblis and or representative Christian Lebanese figures that donated the most and like to be involved in the progression of the project.

-         An environmental study by one of the Lebanese Universities is to be done prior to the final phase of execution and should be taken into consideration.

-         Parking and other facilities needed for the site will be made by others in private properties under authorization and coordination with the board and the local authorities.

-         The Our Lady of Ain Ebel website is the official means of publication to express and publish openly the news and information about the project as well as all financial developments (fundraising/donations/acquisitions etc.)



**picture from Joseph Toufic Khoreich files

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