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Letter from the Project Committee to all Ain Eblis Print E-mail
Written by administrator   
Tuesday, 18 August 2009 04:10
Dear Ain- Eblis, First, we would like to thank all of you for your enthusiastic support for the project of Im El-Noor. We do not mean to thank only those who have welcomed the project, but also the ones who are criticizing it. We want this project to be a collective effort by all the Ain-Eblis around the world. To achieve this, it is of utmost importance that this project is discussed at length and large and all aspects are explored, studied, restudied, criticized, corrected and finally implemented. We call upon all of you, to be positive and look at this project as an ultimate goal for all of us. We know we can do it; we feel it inside our hearts, just close your eyes and imagine the shrine up in the air, looking at Ain Ebel with the hands of Virgin Marry extended to continue protecting our village as she always did, during the difficult days and to preserve the happiness during the joyful ones. We do not mind criticism, but let it be constructive. Give us your input and ideas and let all of us join hands and show everybody that we still are able to do good things for our village. Let us show everyone that it is not true that Ain Ebel is dying, Ain Ebel is here to stay and prosper for all of us. For you who live abroad, we are sure that something reminds you every day of this little village in the South of Lebanon, which wherever you are, makes you proud. For you who live in Beirut, despite the difficulties of life, we know how happy you are when you come to Ain Ebel and feel the welcome of your relatives and friends. And for us who are living here we are very happy to welcome you any time you are back and we want you to come often and bring your children to see and share life in this wonderful village. Now let us tell you one very important thing, as we are speaking on behalf of those brave Ain Ebli men and women abroad who believed in this project and have put the wheel on track, all of those who supported the idea, those who dreamed about it years ago, the inhabitants of Ain Ebel, and on behalf of the committee of the Shrine in Ain Ebel, we tell you: YOU WILL SEE THE SHRINE OF SAYDET AIN – EBEL, IM-ELNOOR, UP ON TOP OF IM EL-NOOR’S HILL PROUDLY STANDING AND LOOKING AT AIN EBEL This is a pledge….                                                                                                                     To get the gears in motion on our side, we have met His Imminence the Archbishop of Tyr Mgr. Nabil El-Hajj and got his full support for the project. All religious, official and technical aspects were explored. It was decided that the committee will be legalized under the chairmanship of father CHARBEL, who will act also as religious and technical advisor. Father Hanna Sleiman will be the vice chairman and the membership of Louis Barakat, Milad Habboub, Elias Hasrouni, Maroun el-Jichi and Imad Lallous. The committee is negotiating at this stage the best location to position the Shrine on the hill of Im El-Noor. Once this is established, the committee will negotiate with the land owners the acquisition of land which eventually will be registered for the Al Saide wakf. The Archbishop will issue a decree to legalize the committee and will appoint three signatories to enable the opening of a bank account. All accounts will be audited by the diocese’s accountant, and all expenditures will be periodically posted on this website.

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