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Written by administrator   
Friday, 20 November 2009 03:59

Message From Father Hanna Sleiman to all the people from Ain Ebel in Diaspora

     My dear beloved ones, expatriates and residents, you the sons of the town of Ain Ebel, that have been Godly blessed to be in the land of the Annunciation. You all are dear and close to my heart. You are definitely genuine worshipers and lovers for our Holy Mother Virgin Mary. In fact there is nothing more rewarding, more satisfying and more honorable than loving and dignifying the Holy mother that grants us life and compassion. This is how we all see the divine mother, Virgin Mary, who has given salvation to the world through her only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

     We the people of Ain Ebel, all know very well the importance of this merciful mother. We always pray for her intercession and have always put our town in her hands to care for, protect and safeguard since our great and faithful fathers and grandfathers made this Holy Land their home. Our great town and its people were blessed and honored when Virgin Mary accompanied Her begotten son Jesus Christ and His disciples when they travelled through it. We are all praying and asking Our Mother, Virgin Mary to remain as she has always been, Ain Ebel's intercessor in front of  Our Heavenly Father.

     As a token of love and devotion from our town's people, the faithful sons and daughters of Virgin Mary, we are planning to erect a temple and a statue for her to safeguard, bless and protect our people in both Ain Ebel and the Diaspora,  and also to engulf with her mercy the souls of our dead who are sleeping on the hope of resurrection.
     There is no delighting name for our lady of Ain Ebel, more than the "Om Al Nour" one. A temple and statue that carries this name will be erected on the town's entrance to bless every visitor, be with every traveler, safeguard every resident, and push back all enemies of faith, peace and freedom.
     Our hope that all the faithful people of Ain Ebel will honor the Virgin Mary and be generous in supporting financially our temple-statue, Om Al Nour project. 
May God bless your efforts and endeavors and help us all to be able to do what is good for Ain Ebel and for its people.
My prayers that Virgin Mary will be with you all
Father Hanna Sleiman
Ain Ebel -Lebanon
May 04/09


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